Preparing and Smoking Your Hookah!


how-to-prepare-your-hookahPreparing your hookah and getting it ready to smoke may seem like an intimidating task; but it is really simple once you’ve gotten the hang of your hookah. Some of you are probably wonder where the hookah comes from. The hookah originates to the 15th Century in India when glass manufacturing began as a result of exporting glass from India through the British East India Company and gained popularity along trade routes throughout the Middle-East. The hookah’s actual rise to fame occurred under the rule of the Ottoman Empire between 1623 and 1640. In fact, Sultans of the age would take portraits with their hookahs and it actually became quite the status symbol of the time. It was common to see a hookah smoked after diplomatic meetings, royal dinners, and at parties.

Now that we’ve gotten past the brief history lesson, we can get on to the fun stuff like preparing and smoking your hookah! In the following, we will be giving you a step-by-step guide along with some visual aids from the lovely Hookah Girls!

add-waterThe first thing you always want to do is clean your hookah, especially if it is new or if you see a film developing in the vase, or if your smoke just isn’t tasting right. It’s recommended that you wash all pieces of your hookah by hand with light soap and water. Try to avoid submerging your hose in water since not all hoses are water safe and only do so if you know for certain that it is.

Now that your Hookah is clean and ready to go, you will want to fill the vase section of your hookah with water so that the bottom of the stem will be about ½ to 1 inch below the water level. You may also add ice to the vase for a cooler smoking experience.

stem-in-hookahOnce the vase section is filled, insert the bottom of the stem into the top of the vase section of your hookah and fit the metal place over the top part of the stem. The next thing you will want to do is connect your hose.

After your hose is connected to the hookah stem, you’re going to want to check your airflow by covering the top the hookah stem with your hand and inhaling through the hose. If you get any air then one of your connections is not airtight. If you’re missing a seal, Smoker’s World carries a selection of Hookah Grommets.

attach-hoseIf everything is airtight, all we have to do now is get the bowl ready and break out the Shisha! Shisha is tobacco packed in liquids that provides amazing, rich flavors and thick smoke. The liquids tend to settle to the bottom, so make sure you stir your Shisha.

Once your Shisha is stirred, fluff up pieces of it and place them in the bowl. Press down lightly to make a flat layer without really compacting the tobacco. It should be fairly loose to not fully restrict the airflow. You can fill the bowl nearly to the top but make sure you leave a little space above the tobacco so it doesn’t burn up.add-shisha

Wrap the top of the bowl with heavy-duty aluminum foil and puncture holes in the top. Once you’ve gotten the bowl wrapped, it’s time to attach it to the top portion of the hookah stem above the plate. Make sure to inhale through your hose once more to double check your airflow. If the airflow seems too tight, just puncture more holes in the foil. Some people like poking all the way through the Shisha to provide smoother channels for air and heat.

poke-holesWe’re almost done! All we have to do now is heat the coals and place them on top of the foil covered bowl. When heating coals, you want to hold them over flame until they are glowing orange. Depending on how big the bowl portion is on your hookah, you may need anywhere from two to four pieces of coal.

Once the coals are heated and placed on the foil covered bowl, you’re ready to enjoy your hookah! It’s usually good to wait a minute or two for the bowl to heat up, but it’s not mandatory.

heat-coalWhen smoking the hookah it is good to inhale with snort, normal breaths and smoke at a relaxed rate giving the Shisha a little time to cool down. If no smoke appears in the vase, inhale in a series of short, sharp puffs to light the Shisha. Although if you pull to hard, you will char the Shisha and get a lungful of bad-tasting smoke.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to preparing and smoking your hookah! Please be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

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